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Thank you so much for visiting my website! Are you as passionate about photographs as I am?


Photography means much more to me than making a factual record - important as that can be.


A great photograph captures a special emotional moment and brings joy during, soon after, and long after the photo session.


A great photograph deserves to be printed, displayed, enjoyed. You and your friends and family (including four-legged) deserve more than just hundreds of low resolution digital files that are easily lost, stolen or worse become obsolete as technology inevitably changes.

My passion for taking photographs of animals began as a boy taking pictures of the pedigree cattle on the farm. After many many pictures of my three children, work colleagues, dogs, cows, and horses, I still have the same excitement when a picture 'comes out'! It used to be picking up a pack of prints from Boots, now it's seeing digital images look amazing on a big screen.


Although I don;t have animals of my own currently, my wife and I regularly house-sit for lots of wonderful friends made through and for our two daughters' dogs - Turnip the Cocker Spaniel and Millie the Golden Lab. Both feature prominently in my Canine gallery! 


When I'm not taking photographs, I love time with my adult children and partners, walking in the Oxfordshire countryside, savouring local food, listening to the radio or live music, following lost causes like Stoke City and British tennis, or visiting London to absorb its culture, diversity and energy. Holidays in France help me unwind - especially with a glass or two of full-bodied red!

Oh and I Tweet my most recent work, random thoughts, and interesting stuff from the Twittersphere! - @johnwainephoto